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Who am I?

...and my professional and academic background

Hello, I'm Bruno Carlier...

French of Norman origin (Rouen - France), I have studied, practiced and shaken English and Spanish for over twenty-five years in international marketing, commercial and technical environments. Consistent and precise in everything I do, I am customer oriented in a win-win relationship. I obviously love France and its cheeses and fine wines, but I also enjoy travelling and the taste buds wonders that it brings.

From translation to copywriting, including localisation and transcreation, my services range from the translation of advertising slogans, communication campaigns on social networks, the writing of communication materials for B2B or B2C sales flows or potential investors, SEO projects... to the translation of websites or technical brochures.

These are all very different jobs, or at least projects, but they are all equally challenging and exciting.

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Working together means moving towards an agreed deliverable;
in its essence, form and date of delivery

And you, what are your constraints?

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Business Team
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Des rangées de dossiers

Advertising, marketing and business translation 
B2B and B2C + Social networks

The soft jingling of words

Amazon - BMW - Facebook - DO - Google - Linkedin - Mini - Moderna - Nike - Pernod Ricard - Volvo - TikTok - Tommy Hilfiger -Uber -  Dell - Samsung etc.

Technical translation
(industry, services and technology)

A jargon for another one

Markforged  - ABB - Zycus - Datto - Smiths Interconnect - Ring etc.

Other translations
(tourism, politics, literature)

Versatility - Commission européenne etc.

Professional services
Translation Transcreation Copywriting
English & Spanish <=> French (France)

standard and à la carte ...

Checking Text on a Document

The type of service you require, and therefore the exact evaluation of the project's schedule, will depend mainly on the type of document (content and format), the target audience, your objective and the stakes of the communication media to be used, the deadline and, not least, the volume of work.

A wise choise

Contract Paper Signing

Most common formats are accepted.

In other words, if you provide me with a Power Point presentation, a PDF or Excel document in English, you will receive its exact equivalent in the same format, in French.

The content in the right format

Discussing the Numbers

At a glance, the main points to take into account when formalizing an order.

Clear and precise.

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My priority is all yours ...

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